Licence: GPL
Version 0.11 Beta | Release Date: 2011-06-17 | Download

wxHexEditor v0.11 Beta 17/06/2011

Now program became from pre-Beta stage to Beta stage.
Added Progress dialogs for file save, comparison and checksum dialogs.
Fixed GoTo dialog and uint64_t to String conversions on MSW.
Fixed Device menu show bug.
Added no device information for Windows.
Fixed compilation error on PuppyLinux.
Fixed undo commit bug at Direct mode(Thanks guerrier for indicating bug)
Added file owner change for automated disk access on Linux/Unix.
Added Auto-Offset resizing by file length.
Changed Offset Hex:Dec switching by right mouse button from now.
Added left click to offset area copies the address.
Implemented Checksum Dialog core with MD5 & SHA family
Implemented Disassembler panel code by using udis86 library.(Beta)
Implemented UTF8/Unicode searching.
Implemented File Compare option.
Removed "(Alpha)" keyword on right click menus.
And Many bug fixes...

Version 0.10 Pre-Beta | Release Date: 2010-02-20 | Download

* Added icon to project by Vlad Adrian.
* Added Windows target support.
* Fixed Windows viewing issue at wxDC.
* Added some options to right mouse button menu.
* Added rpm spec & deb control files.
* Fixed Closing of application, save files if there is changed one
* Fixed Keyboard shotcuts.
* Added Version update notifier.
* Implemented Event system for wxHexEditor Frame
* Added Binary field to DataInterpreter panel.
* Added alternative mouse drag scroll code for MAC.
* Redesigned Find and Replace dialogs.
* Added enable/disable of undo, redo and copy buttons.
* Fixed cursor information update with keyboard events.
* Added GotoDialog remembers it's last state.
* Added Tag file removal option.
* Fixed installation bugs on linux.
* Fixed character input corruption.
* Improved Tag hiding system. It's lot better now.
* Fixed gcc 4.4 compilation problems
* Fixed Undo & Redo bug.
* Moved sources to src folder.
* Added MacOS and Mingw32 Cross-Compilation targets to Code::Blocks file.
* Fixed Character update bug.
* Added lots of Debug lines & Error messages.
* Fixed lots of bugs.
* There is much more, inspect svn log!