Zend Studio

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 7.0.0 | Release Date: 2009-08-10 | Download

PHP 5.3 Support
- Code Assist and syntax highlighting for PHP 5.3
- Namespace outline
- Bundled PHP executables and debugging capabilities

Rapid Application Development with Zend Framework
- Easy Creation of Zend Framework Elements
- Customized Zend Framework Project Layout
- Updated Zend Framework Example Project
- Code generation through Zend_Tool integration

Enhanced Source Code Editing
- Mark Occurrences of Language Elements, Exit Paths and Requires
- Override Indicators for quick navigation between methods
- Type Hierarchy view for structured class hierarchy
- Open Type / Method with Camel-Case Match
- Code Assist Grouping
- In-Place Refactoring for fast element renaming
- Develop modular applications with Build and Include Path features
- Turn a block of code into a function or a variable with Extract Variable / Method
- Semantic Analysis and Auto Fix

Jump Starting Application Development
- Quick and painless installation of a complete environment
- Auto detection and configuration of Zend Server
- Easy deployment of applications to the local server for debugging

Quick Root Cause Analysis through Zend Server Integration
- Easy Debug setup
- View problems detected by Zend Server from within Zend Studio
- Quickly reproduce and pinpoint problems captured by Zend Server

Version 6.1 | Release Date: 2008-09-21 | Download

New name is "Studio for Eclipse"
version is 6.1 (internal version shown in app is 3.4 for Mac OS X )

Version 5.5.0 | Release Date: 2006-12-05 | Download

PHP 5.2:

* New PHP 5.2 support


* Mactel support
* Support for antialiasing (via Preference settings)


* Supports opening URLs from the Editor using right click

Web Services Support (SOAP):

* Support for URLs in SoapClient Constructors
* Bug fixed: Unsynchronized file name and configuration name


* Embedded Java code completion of packages and classes in PHP code
* Configure the Workspace's default JRE / JDK
* Configure project specific preferences
* Nested Java code completion

Zend Platform Integration:

* View Zend Platform Events in a dedicated Events List window
* Customize, sort and filter Event List entities
* Limit number of visible rows and initiate auto refresh
* View Events from user-selected servers
* Direct access to Platform's Configuration dialog from the toolbar / menu
* Configure Zend Platform's GUI URL and authentication information

Zend Framework Integration:

* Enable code completion for Zend Framework
* View Zend Framework classes and functions in the PHP Inspector View
* View source and debug into Zend Framework code

Source Control:

* Explorer: highlights file labels according to their status in source control (added, merged with conflicts, modified, not versioned and up to date)
* Source Control file status highlighting is customizable (from the Preferences dialog)
* Can easily switch between CVS and Subversion support
* Support for Subversion 1.4

General Bugs Fixed / Changes:

* Bug fixed - If no Zend Guard path detected there is no default value
* Bug fixed - Zend Guard detection doesn't recognize old versions
* Bug fixed - PHP Functions list doesn't provide return types for all functions
* Bug fixed - Uuencode functions in PHP Functions list are malformed
* Bug fixed - Open File dialog has serious delay when a network drive is disconnected
* Bug fixed - FTP files containing spaces in their name causes wrong file parsing
* Bug fixed - Wrong tab behavior in the Preferences window

Version 5.2.0 | Release Date: 2006-07-12 | Download
No changes specified