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Version 6.00 | Release Date: 2012-05-21 | Download

Hi folks! After almost three years of work, 3,924 code commits, and
more than a dozen point releases since Nmap 5, I'm delighted to
announce the release of Nmap 6! It includes a more powerful Nmap
Scripting Engine, 289 new scripts, better web scanning, full IPv6
support, the Nping packet prober, faster scans, and much more!

For the top 6 improvements in Nmap 6, see the release notes:


Or you can go straight to the download page to grab the source code or
the Linux, Mac, and Windows installers:


Enjoy the release! And if you find any bugs, let us know on nmap-dev
as described at:


As an open source project, we don't have a marketing budget. So
please help spread the word about the new release! I encounter many
folks at security conferences who haven't heard about all the modern
Nmap capabilities and only use it as a simple port scanner. Anyone
who doesn't use NSE, or at least version detection, is missing out!


PS: This mailing list isn't going anywhere, but you can also follow us
on Twitter and Facebook:


Version 5.51 | Release Date: 2012-02-11 | Download

Hi folks! I'm happy to report that Nmap 5.50 has been a huge success,
with nearly 300,000 downloads in the two weeks it has been available!
That much attention inevitably uncovers some bugs, so I'm pleased to
release 5.51 to address them. Most of the bugs are pretty minor.

Nmap 5.51 source code as well as binary packages for Linux, Mac, and
Windows are now available at:


If you find any bugs, please let us know on nmap-dev as described at
http://nmap.org/book/man-bugs.html. We're not planning another stable
release in the near term, but you can inspire one by finding a big
enough bug :).

Here is the list of changes in 5.51:

o [Ndiff] Added support for prerule and postrule scripts. [David]

o [NSE] Fixed a bug which caused some NSE scripts to fail due to the
absence of the NSE SCRIPT_NAME environment variable when loaded.
Michael Pattrick reported the problem. [Djalal]

o [Zenmap] Selecting one of the scan targets in the left pane is
supposed to jump to that host in the Nmap Output in the right pane
(but it wasn't). Brian Krebs reported this bug. [David]

o Fixed an obscure bug in Windows interface matching. If the MAC
address of an interface couldn't be retrieved, it might have been
used instead of the correct interface. Alexander Khodyrev reported
the problem. [David]

o [NSE] Fixed portrules in dns-zone-transfer and ftp-proftpd-backdoor
that used shortport functions incorrectly and always returned
true. [Jost Krieger]

o [Ndiff] Fixed ndiff.dtd to include two elements that can be diffed:
status and address. [Daniel Miller]

o [Ndiff] Fixed the ordering of hostscript-related elements in XML
output. [Daniel Miller]

o [NSE] Fixed a bug in the nrpe-enum script that would make it run for
every port (when it was selected--it isn't by default). Daniel
Miller reported the bug. [Patrick]

o [NSE] When an NSE script sets a negative socket timeout, it now
causes a controlled Lua stack trace instead of a fatal error.
Vlatko Kosturjak reported the bug. [David]

o [Zenmap] Worked around an error that caused the py2app bootstrap
executable to be non-universal even when the rest of the application
was universal. This prevented the binary .dmg from working on
PowerPC. Yxynaxen reported the problem. [David]

o [Ndiff] Fixed an output line that wasn't being redirected to a file
when all other output was. [Daniel Miller]

Enjoy the new release!

Version 5.50 | Release Date: 2011-01-28 | Download


Version 5.21 | Release Date: 2010-01-27 | Download

Bug fixes.

Full changelog at http://seclists.org/nmap-hackers/2010/2

Version 4.76 | Release Date: 2008-11-15 | Download
No changes specified