VersionTracker Pro

Version: 4.5.1 || Release Date: 2008-03-18 || License: Commercial with demo ($49.95) Developer: VersionTracker | App Owner: amyb

Software Update for all your 3rd party applications. VersionTracker Pro automatically monitors the software inventory and version status for your Macs.

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This is now cnet TechTracker:

Probably a dumb question, but does it beat the MacUpdate ditto app?

I use both VersionTracker Pro and AppFresh. All those applications that is not on iusethis are handled by VersionTracker, and there are quite many applications that VersionTracker do not update. It seems you need both to cover most of the applications...

maybe it beats appfresh, but there's not way I'm buying it for $50. Besides, this is iusethis!

Beats the pants off of AppFresh.

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