Version: 0.2b || Release Date: 2007-05-30 || License: GPL Developer: Matt O'Brien | App Owner: mazatty

viAllOver is a subclass of NSTextView which makes all textviews in a cocoa application behave more like vi. it uses the InputManager mechanism to try and load its self in all cocoa applications.

viAllOver is currently in beta, it may have memory leaks, it could crash your apps. i haven't had any major problems, but use at your own risk, save often. i take no responsibility for any damages or problems, but if you let me know i'll try my best to fix them.

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2 Opinions

OK, I am trying vi input manager right now. So far, the jury is out. Vi input manager doesn't let you use the space bar to move forward a character? It also doesn't have the nice colored cursor as in viAllOver. However, it supports a larger vi editing set. It is nice to see these two options.

I've been using this, but I haven't compared it to Vi Input Manager. Anyone?