Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2008-11-21 || License: Shareware ($26.95) Developer: SkoobySoft | App Owner: captainbunny

Powerful personal journal

viJournal is a powerful personal journal application. It's designed as an analogue of the good old-fashioned page-a-day bound diary - the kind you buy in a stationer's. You write your entries under dated headers and save them collectively by month and year.

It's got tons of features for power-journalers, whilst being friendly, clean and easy for all daily diarists.


  • Video diary capability. Record live video directly into journal entries.
  • Optional file encryption
  • Two optional layers of password protection
  • Multiple journals
  • Daily image gallery
  • Export to RTF, HTML, PDF, MS Word
  • Post entries to Blogger or LiveJournal

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1 Opinion

Wish this Mac version and their iPhone version would be updated to look as great as the iPad app. Seems they have abandoned keeping up w/ those two and are only focusing on the iPad, now. Shame.