Vine Server

Version: 3.0 || Release Date: 2007-12-17 || License: Freeware Developer: | App Owner: daubman

Vine Server for OS X (formerly OSXvnc)

Vine Server is a full featured VNC server for Mac OS X providing remote access to the GUI, keyboard and mouse using Vine Viewer or any other VNC client. Vine Server offers a rich and unique feature set among Mac OS X VNC servers including:

* Flexible port assignment for multiple VNC servers on a single computer
* System servers that run independently of user accounts
* Outstanding clipboard sharing; Exchange of rich text, images, files and applications when used with Vine Viewer

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4 Opinions

captsaltyjack: Incorrect. The VNC server was greatly improved between Tiger and Leopard -- I suppose in the process of moving it from ARD to Screen Sharing. I haven't had any problems with the Leopard VNC server -- it works just as well as OSXvnc/Vine for me -- but I never was able to actually connect to the Tiger VNC server.

There was a VNC server built into Tiger too. It hasn't been improved in Leopard. Vine's VNC server blows Apple's out of the water in terms of speed. I tested both, and the Leopard VNC server is slow, nearly unusable.

Apple needs to seriously look at that for OS 10.6.

I can't connect to Leopard server from anything on Tiger, and Apple's Remote Desktop server is sloooow, so I'm still using Vine Server.

Now that Leopard includes a decent VNC server, I've stopped using this one.