Virtual DVDs

Version: 3.0.1 || Release Date: 2007-12-05 || License: Freeware App Owner: cavphoto

Create virtual dvds that player can open using double-click

So, you're sick of opening DVD Player, then selecting the VIDEO_TS folder of the ripped DVD you wish to view. For all of us, who like to rip our DVDs to our computer: Now you can simply rename the folder containing the VIDEO_TS folder by adding a ".vdvd" extension to the end. Right before your eyes, you will see the icon of the folder change to a new icon. Basically, this folder is now a "file package". Now, when you double-click, my "Virtual DVDs" app will use DVD Player to open and play it.

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On Leopard, rather than using a third-party solution, one can simply add the extension ".dvdmedia" to the folder that contains the VIDEO_TS folder. DVD Player will recognize this bundle and open up upon double-clicking.

This actually costs $5. See PlayVideoTS for a free (gratis) program that does the same thing.

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awesome app!!!

I would love to have this, but I can't get the download... Any help?