Version: 5.0 || Release Date: 2014-02-24 || License: Commercial with demo ($49.95) Developer: Click On Tyler | App Owner: tylerhall

Host multiple websites on your Mac.

VirtualHostX 4.0 is the easiest way to host multiple websites on your Mac. It's the perfect solution for web designers working on more than one project at a time. (Aren't we all?) No more nesting folders or asking the programmer across the cubicle for help. With VirtualHostX you can easily create and manage Apache virtual hosts with just a few clicks.

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Simple app but makes my work easier. I love the interface. Just bought a license :)

Keep up the great work!

and its free :)

Agreed: totally worth the $7. Developer is responsive and helpful. The app is simple if you're using built-in Apache. But:

1. VirtualHostX will break a Headdress-modified httpd.conf file in MAMP.
2. Step one of the wizard backs up the wrong file if you're using MAMP.
3. VirtualHostX doesn't work with Bonjour, so it's not easily possible to visit your virtual hosts from within Parallels.

This is a terrific price for the functionality!

I use a textmate project to edit my httpd.conf, httpd-vhosts.conf, and hosts files, and use apachectl to control the apache daemon, but trying to explain the process to other developers is really a little painful. Now I can just point them to this app and be done with it.

BTW, why have people marked down sjag? I think it's useful to know that this app only supports the default apache install. Alot of people do run the macports apache port, for instance.

Fantastic app. Class-act developer.

Splendid application.
Splendid price.
Splendid support.

And I mean it.

This developer came back to me in a matter of minutes, after I sent him my email with the queries I had below. And yes, I was pointed in the right direction and after a few easy steps I'm now happily up and running with my virtual hosts and sites running PHP!

Top notch. Here's wishing the developer good luck with this and any other applications he creates.

I'm loving this application. Only thing I still need to find out, is how to parse and render PHP pages with it.

Great app and great support!

Too bad it only works when you use the default apache installation..

I love this program. I use it everyday at work and with every website I design and develop. It's totally worth the measly $7 the author is asking for.