Virtual PC

Version: 7 || Release Date: 2006-07-11 || License: Commercial with demo ($249) App Owner: jasethehack

Expand the power of your Mac with Microsoft® Virtual PC for Mac Version 7, the application that makes it possible for you to access PC-only software, files, networks and devices from your Mac. Virtual PC 7, which is compatible with the Mac G5, offers important improvements in support, speed and reliability.

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7 Opinions

VMware Server is free
You can get a copy of VMware server for free. This will allow you to create a VM that will work in VMware Player just fine. So the $200 cost you mentioned is not correct.

VMware workstation is NOT free, VMware Server is. I use them both and find them very satisfactory.

Slow? Check. Unstable? Check. Makes your soul feel all dirty? Check. But occasionally, unavoidably you just need to use it.

Terribly slow, but it'll have to do until I upgrade to an intel machine and get parallels

VirtualPC could use emulator and emulation tags.

Put me down for this. But I use Version 6 - the last non-Microsoft version. Faster than 7. Virtual Switch is broken, but I never use it.

Parallels only runs on Intel hardware, leaving out the majority of Mac users who may still need this. Once the switch to intel is complete, Parallels looks to be the natural choice, but until then, VPC is the best option.

I find that the Microsoft Virtual PC has a severe limitation in the amount of memory you can allocate to a virtual machine. Does it work? Yes. Will it let you have a machine with beefy memory if you got a lot of RAM in your box? No.

I've dumped VirtualPC and use Parallels instead.