Version: 2.2 || Release Date: 2009-09-26 || License: BSD License Developer: BinaryAge | App Owner: dr_win

Visor for OSX provides a systemwide terminal window accessible via a hot-key, much like the consoles found in games such as Quake.

Visor provides a systemwide terminal window accessible via a hotkey, much like the consoles found in games such as Quake. Visor requires elements of Quartz only found in 10.4. Visor is compatible with 10.4 and higher only.

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Visor has been renamed TotalTerminal:

I love this app. There are a ton of seettings about where you want the terminal to slide/fade in from (i like top-center personally) and it works great. I am so much happier when i have to do annoying SVN stuff now, its ridiculous.

It might not be actually useful, but its genuinely fun, and when I'm doing command-line stuff life needs a little extra fun ;)

wombert's amazing guide is unfortunately down.
Here's a repost of his tricks to make Visor run in the background, without a dock icon and independent of Terminal until you press the hotkey.

This doesn't seem to work with my .profile, .bashrc and/or .inputrc. Before I imported my settings from another computer, Visor was working. Now when I try to type in the visor, I just get the bell. If I open a new terminal (window) I can type like normal. I'm on 10.5 and I've tried both v1.5a and 1.2.

this is the new homepage:
btw, this has been out for a while, and the correct version number is 1.5a1

The new version is fantastic in Leopard. Even supports tabs.

This just transformed my Rails development workflow.

Seems interesting, but the Quartz animation don't work for me... Maybe I'll again later with the instructions and comments from

Ugh, screwed the comment up below, please mod it spam. Here it is corrected:

Oh in the comment below, I've assumed you're following the instructions from wombert's link below. If you're not then use this command for the top-left key binding instead (it doesn't make a tidle on my mac):

defaults write VisorHotKey -dict keyCode -int 10 modifiers -int 256

You can just press any key in the visor preferences with a modifier key, then open the correct preference file (~/Library/Preferences/ or as appropriate) with Property List Editor and change the VisorHotKey/modifiers value to 256 to remove the need to press the modifier key more than likely, if you wanted a different key. has instructions on how to make Visor independent of Terminal running, without a dock icon etc.

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