Voice Candy

Version: 1.5.1 || Release Date: 2011-02-10 || License: Shareware (12.95 USD) Developer: Potion Factory | App Owner: andykim

Voice Candy is a fun and useful recorder for the Mac. It does for the microphone what Apple's Photo Booth does for the webcam. Voice Candy makes recording enjoyable by providing eight different effects, such as Vader and Chipmunk, to alter the speaker's voice. Once you have made the recording, you can use it to set a reminder, send an email, or take it with you on your iPod.

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Charming app that has a suprisingly robust microphone interface. I got it to record from my Firewire DV cam's internal mic with no problem, whereas the device wasn't even recognized by most other programs including most Mac OS sound source stuff.
However, the recording quality is unsuprisingly poor- adequate for voice notes but crappy for the foley I was trying to do. I've since discovered how to set up a tapeless recording system using Final Cut Pro, which is what I use now for my recordings.
I posted my findings here:

Aside, I couldn't get the voice effects to work.

casev8: yes, Garageband let's you do all the effects, but there is a bit more in this app than just the effects. And I like it just because I don't have to open up GB just to record a funny little thing.

You can do this with Garageband and the onboard mic!