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Version: 3.7.2 || Release Date: 2014-05-07 || License: Freeware App Owner: chachafance

A complete screen capture and image editing tool for Mac OS X.

Say goodbye to lengthy explanations! With Voila Mac Screen Capture Tool, you can now capture and record anything and everything that you see on your screen. Capturing your desktop, web pages, camera or recording your desktop, you name it, we do it. If quick captures are more your style, then assign shortcuts of your choice to snap and record.

Make your tutorials more professional, informative and interesting with the host of Annotating tools. You can trim* your videos or choose from the host of Editing tools and Effects to make your captured images more attractive. You don't have to be an expert to prepare great presentations. Just leave it to Voila and see the magic unfold.

We know how much your work means to you and how much your comfort means to us. Voila’s smart Organizer organizes your images and videos so that you have access to them whenever and wherever you want them, quickly. Thus we let you concentrate on what matters most and let the app do the house keeping.

Let the world see your work! With Voila you can share your work as and when it is done and all with just a click. Choose to instantly share through various modes such as YouTube, Flickr, FTP, Mail and more. Or simply print it to get a hard copy of your work.

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