VPN Tracker 6

Version: 6.1.1 || Release Date: 2010-02-04 || License: Commercial with demo ($99) App Owner: equ

VPN Tracker 6 brings the workflow of the mobile user to the foreground. The starting point is the "Secure Desktop". Here users' documents, Internet addresses, applications and scripts can all be easily organized giving VPN-users the direct access they need most. Every item in the Secure Desktop can be completely configured and linked to any one of the users VPN connections. Administrators and consultants can easily create multiple Secure Desktops which can also be pre-configured and exported for specific users. Along with IPsec-based connections, VPN Tracker can also integrate any existing L2TP and PPTP-based VPN connection in the same user interface.

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2 Opinions

I changed the "License" to "Commercial".

This is $119! Only "freeware" for 30-days.