Vulture's Eye

Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2006-07-14 || License: Freeware Developer: DarkArts Studios | App Owner: thoren

Grapical front-end to timeless Nethack. 3D isometric view with detailed tiles and icons, full-screen support, and sound.

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For future reference, the project moved from Darcs to Subversion, and then from Subversion to Git. It's currently living on github, here

with a bit of searching, i found a mac binary of vulture's eye 2.1.0 (current source code is 2.1.1)'s-2.html

Ick, there used to be pre-built OS X versions available for download... According to this ticket from just a few days ago, the author knows about the problem and is planning to put the builds back up... So hopefully that gets resolved soon!

A bit tricky to install. I downloaded the UNIX auto-compiler/-installer, but somehow got stuck without being able to install it...

Any advice? Looks like a nice nethack clone.

DarkArts also has 'Vulture's Claw' available for those of us who prefer SLASH'EM to vanilla NetHack.