Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2015-04-05 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Kosada, Inc. | App Owner: jeanmarie_cc

Design and build live interactive media with Vuo — a visual programming environment. Drag and drop building blocks to make your own animations, sounds, apps, and more.

To create a multimedia composition with Vuo, you start by browsing through Vuo's library of nodes and pick out the ones you want to use. Nodes are your building blocks. Some nodes connect to devices, such as a mouse or a MIDI controller. Other nodes make something happen on the screen, such as popping up a window or drawing a sphere. Once you've picked some nodes, you enable them to talk to each other by connecting them with cables. For example, you can make a sphere follow the mouse pointer by having the mouse node send its coordinates to the node that positions the sphere, and then view the result on a screen window. You can learn more at our website and see links to our documentation and video tutorials.

Version 1.1 is our latest release, and a free demo version is available. Click on the Version above for details.

Our vision is that by using Vuo, you will able to input and manipulate sound/audio, video, motion capture, hardware signals or data feeds in just about any way you can think of – from quick prototypes to final production. You will be able to create stand-alone Vuo apps and interface Vuo compositions with other multimedia tools. Eventually stand-alone Vuo apps will run on iOS, Android and Windows, while Vuo will run on both MacOS and Windows.

A copy of Vuo costs $49, A copy of Vuo Pro (nodes for stereoscopic rendering, Art-Net, projection mesh; Antialiasing and motion blur when exporting movies; dark interface mode) costs $149.

Vuo has a proprietary license, but an open source version is available, which lags the current release by one year.

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