Version: || Release Date: 2011-02-02 || License: Freeware Developer: Azureus | App Owner: snazzygent

Vuze, formerly Codename: Zudeo is an application powered by Azureus 3.0 that enables users to publish and share creations in high-quality (DVD or HD-quality videos, high-fidelity audio), with unprecedented ease of use. The process takes minutes, and the videos can reach substantially more viewers worldwide, almost instantly.

Content creators can also distribute content to millions for free without paying any hosting or bandwidth costs. Zudeo can also help create buzz by spreading the movie across the Internet as easily as if it were a 5 minute video clip.

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This update is incorrectly listed by AppFresh - I have updated TWICE now and it still tells my my version (which is now NEWER than AppFresh knows about) is 2 months out of date. Also, AppFresh can't seem to deal with A.B.C.D version numbers, at least with VUZE. My current (both meanings) version is AppFresh says I 'only' have 4.3 and that is the latest and I 'should upgrade'. Whatever - add to the IGNORE list I guess.

This used to be my go-to client until I found transmission. The interface is very cluttered and it's a total resource hog, so if you're just interested in your torrents, I recommend don't recommend this.

Good bittorrent soft!

I really hate the confusion vuze/azureus have caused by changing names. I especially hate being bombarded with media I'm not interested in. most of all, I hate the unnecessary and unwarranted (for azureus user, with a perfectly good set of prefs) UI changes. It took me over an hour to figure out how to get things back to a decent, informative, power-user UI.
It's still my mac torrent client of choice. Until I write my own... :)

+1 for merging vuze and azureus on iusethis. They're the same project, different versions.

I do not like the new Vuze Interface. I simply switch to the classic interface.

Vuze is simply the best feature-rich Bittorrent client out there.

Other clients like Transmission and uTorrent are faster but they pale in comparison when it comes to the features that come with Vuze.

Of course, the penalty for that is the system resources that Vuze uses.

No pain, No gain.

Good all around bittorrent client, faster than most out there for the mac.

Good all around bittorrent client, faster than most out there for the mac.

The name Zudeo is apparently history. It's now known as Vuze.

The only thing I don't like about Zudeo is the WINDOWS Media DRM that's going to come on some of its content thanks to the BBC and others. They really need to get that IP issue sorted out in a way which doesn't treat Mac users as 2nd class citizens.