Version: 3.1.3 || Release Date: 2009-12-09 || License: Shareware ($20) Developer: Acrylic Software | App Owner: dmacdonald

Store passwords, serial numbers, credit cards, and more.

Wallet is a simple and easy to use password storage application. Whether you keep contacts, passwords, serial numbers, or credit cards within Wallet, Wallet stores and organizes them in a secure and easy to use environment. All database files are encrypted using 448-bit Blowfish encryption to make sure any hackers or wandering eyes can't get a sneak peek at your data. Wallet has many other features as well, and can even "AutoFill" web forms in your favorite browser. Wallet combines security, ease of use, and elegance in a password storage application.

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adc89: While Keychain is great for keeping a few kinds of passwords (usually ones directly in the system), it is not very flexible for other types of data. Wallet is more of a small scale database for keeping any type of data both secured and organized.

How is this app any more functional than Keychain?

reviewed on NLMA

Always a bit scary to enter sensitive information into an opaque app (i.e. non open-source/peer-reviewed). Are there any open source apps that have the same function?

little snitch has never complained about this app, and i use it all day 5 days a week. i really dont know where these backdoor comments come from.

zicklepop, those comments can be easily dismissed with a little research. For one, if there truly was a "backdoor" password, surely it would be available somewhere on the internet to alert people about it. But it's not, because it doesn't exist.

Secondly, by default documents are definitely encrypted. When you first open the program, you create a password which encrypts the file. When you export a file, you are given a prompt to create a password for that file as well.

zicklepop, says who? Believe me when I say that this app is 100% secure.

Fantastic app. It's landed a permanent spot in my dock.

I prefer CiphSafe.

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