Version: 3.1.3 || Release Date: 2009-12-09 || License: Shareware ($20) Developer: Acrylic Software | App Owner: dmacdonald

Store passwords, serial numbers, credit cards, and more.

Wallet is a simple and easy to use password storage application. Whether you keep contacts, passwords, serial numbers, or credit cards within Wallet, Wallet stores and organizes them in a secure and easy to use environment. All database files are encrypted using 448-bit Blowfish encryption to make sure any hackers or wandering eyes can't get a sneak peek at your data. Wallet has many other features as well, and can even "AutoFill" web forms in your favorite browser. Wallet combines security, ease of use, and elegance in a password storage application.

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okay okay, I was seriously frustrated but this app is buggy and has crashed on me twice, but I could restore it using an older library file through Time Machine. So I didn't lose anything. When it's working it's really solid, but these two hiccups made me cringe.

Crap Crap Crap. I did like this at first and the UI was nice, but it can look as pretty as it wants because it has crashed on me twice since i've purchased it and I've lost all my passwords and information stored in there. Frustrating. There's got to be a better program out there and I'm going to find it. This seriously sucks. BEWARE!!

The UI is great. Much better than 1Password. If this had support for Firefox I would buy it.

I've been using Wallet religiously for all my secure information for about a year. It's a good little app. BUT, it now crashes. Sounds like multiple people are having this issue. This was over a week ago. I sent emails over the past week to support with no response. I don't know if these guys are still in business or what, but their tech support sucks. I'm really screwed on this.

I too use this application to store all my passwords, Or rather - did so and would like to continue doing so, where it not for the fact that since a few weeks the app just doesn't show a window anymore - it just let's me hear a beep. The menu is there and all, I just cannot do anything anymore. And there's info there I need. I just cannot access it. Reinstalling it didn't work.

I sent 3 messages during the last week to [email protected], no response at all, so that doesn't give high hopes.

So take care when storing your critical info here as it just might become inaccessible.

This apps widget which is pretty useful, breaks once Safari3 beta installed. Update?

I use this to store my purchased serial numbers and haven't had any serious issues with it. Looks ok and works fine.

Still I'm waiting for a freeware application that offers more flexibility over this.

I recently bought this app after seeing reviews on MacBreak and NLMA. The app has lots of potential but has some glaring missing features.

For example, it would be nice to have a Safari-plugin which I can use to auto-fill webforms without having Wallet open (1Passwd has this feature). Another annoyance is the masking of password and other sensitive data within Wallet, itself. For example, in Table View, none of the information -- usernames, passwords, credit card numbers -- is masked (despite having Show Entry Informaton option unchecked). In Column View, on the other hand, everything is masked -- unless you open the content in a separate window, when everything becomes visible again. It's all or nothing on this app with masking.

Blowfish encryption aside, smart and consistent implementation of masking would do wonders to prevent that most insidious risk of someone looking over your shoulder. Next, I'm not sure why auto-lock doesn't have a 1 minute option. The lowest available option (5 minutes) is certainly long enough for someone to write down a lot of data.

After a couple of days of extensive use, Wallet gets a C grade. The app touts a very high-end encryption algorithm, but fails the common sense data protection test. Add the nuisance of needing to launch auto-fill URLs from Wallet, rather than directly from Safari, and you'll want to wait for version 3.0.

This app is very similar to info.xhead, only lacking in security and stability. It does not provide advanced features such as field remapping and Spotlight integration. Do yourself a favor and check out xhead software's info.xhead.

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