Version: 2.5.1 || Release Date: 2008-12-27 || License: Freeware App Owner: troyphil

WeatherDock displays weather information based on xml-feeds supplied by®. It displays textual weather information as well as icon-based. Next to the current conditions it contains 10 day forecasts with 2 day-part's weather information.

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7 Opinions

This a really great program that I leave on all the time. Never have any stability issues, and not a resource hog.

Solid weather utility, but I went back to Meteorologist once it was updated.

The only reliable menubar weather product I've found. I've used a couple of others, and they've always choked at some point, but this one never fails. And the features are just great: it can speak the weather on a schedule if you desire, manage many locations... the list goes on. I can't believe it's free, honestly.

And about the icon, you can easily customize it so that when running the icon shows current conditions, temperature, humidity, wind, whatever.

I did find somewhere out there that you can download sets of icons to replace the generic ones.

This is a great app for anyone that wants the weather at a glance, and wants it to use very little resources on your machine. I recommend turning off the dock icon and using the menubar, but set it up any way you like it!

just downloaded it and giving it a go,, looks to be an awesome app for the mac :)

Despite having possibly the ugliest icon in the history of OSX apps, this is a very nice little app, with lots of possiblities for customization.