Version: 3.7.5 || Release Date: 2007-06-02 || License: Freeware Developer: AfterTen | App Owner: jeffbyrnes

Pulled directly from the website:

Features of current release WeatherMenu v3.7.5

* Automatically puts multiple icons in the menu bar.
* Downloads and displays current weather info for multiple cities worldwide.
* Can put MULTIPLE icons in the menubar for multiple cities.
* Full Forecast information
* Inform you of current weather alerts
* National Weather Service Radar
* Full Solor and Lunar information
* Color Icons
* Proxy support on OS 10.2

Freeware stuff

* It's Free now. But, no more email support for the program.
* But the support forum is still open for bug reports


* OS 10.2 or higher.
* An active internet connection.

Coming in the future

* Implement user suggestions
* Language localization, if requested and I can find translation help

Suggest screenshot/icon / Suggest new version

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Yeah, same here. I just deal though :)

Wish it were a universal binary. Too bad.