Version: 2.9.10 || Release Date: 2008-06-19 || License: GPL Developer: Claudio Procida | App Owner: claudiopro

WebSMS is a nice alternative to send SMS from your carrier's web site. It automates all the boring stuff. It's easy as the cell phone: compose, click, sent!

It gives you one-click access to your mobile contacts from the Address Book. Use a different phone color for each one of your frequent contacts. It even supports CAPTCHA's.

Released under an open source license, it can be extended to support new carriers writing a plugin. A thoroughly commented template lets you create your own plugin in a minute.

WebSMS project is kindly hosted by Origo ETH Zurich. Join the mailing list to follow development, submit bug reports and suggest new features.

See the list of currently supported carriers

WebSMS is neither affiliated to nor endorsed by the supported carriers.

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Now with support for AT&T Wireless USA

@geotaylor :
That's a good observation. But WebSMS was meant for services that are not as easily accessible as a plain form.

Nothing against this widget as I have never downloaded it. But with the new "Open in Dashboard..." feature in Safari 3 it's easy to grab the SMS form from any carrier's website to make your own widget. Just an FYI for anyone that might want to give that a go.