WhoIs Analyzer Pro

Version: 2.2 || Release Date: 2011-08-30 || License: Commercial with demo (19.95) Developer: VOSTROM, Inc. | App Owner: phenobarbarella

Finally, WhoIs done right!

A whois application written from the ground up which does NOT merely execute a terminal command. I'm not enough of a programmer to know what it DOES do, but whatever it is, it's much faster (and more thorough) than your typical whois search. VOSTROM keeps WhoIs Analyzer updated with every whois registrar in the world, meaning that your searches won't return zero results when there actually IS a result but you just weren't looking in the right place for it.

Additionally, there are a wealth of graphical and text summaries to add to the usual spartan whois search. Makes it a lot more comprehensible and pleasurable to use, even for technical people.

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1 Opinion

Hehe....$20 for a frontend to the "whois" command...ridiculous.