Version: 1.0.4 || Release Date: 2011-07-25 || License: Freeware Developer: oxorr | App Owner: oxorr

This Widget displays network connections sorted by application and your running services

On top it shows the services (this feature is not working with Mac OS X 10.6). Blue means service enabled, red active. You can click a service name to get to the respective System Preference. On the bottom is a list of IP addresses of your machine. Click on one to copy it to the pasteboard.
l indicates a local IP address.
A: AirPort, E: Ethernet, F: FireWire.

Expand the Widget to see the network connections.
Click on the Widget to expand it. The connections are ordered by application. Click an IP address to copy it to the pasteboard. Right (ctrl) click to start a whois query. You will get more information about the current user of this IP address. Click again to get back to the IP address.
Like this you can easily get the IP address of your chat buddy.

Application unknown?
Don't panic. This means that your permissions are insufficient to get the name of these apps. They are either run by another user or by the system. Right click on the IP to get some information about it.
Some closing connections may be listed too. Collapse the Widget and expand it again.

More than 4 IP addresses?
To view all addresses you have to use the alternate style. This can be set on the back of the widget.

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1 Opinion

There are two (2) totally different apps named "Whoisconnected."

a) Who Is Connected? 1.01 © 2009 Chris Jones littlemacapps.com This is a traybar utility.

b) WhoisConnected 1.0.2 http://oxorr.com/apps/?1 This is a widget.

In the case I found, a) was detected as b) (above).