Wii Transfer

Version: 2.7.2 || Release Date: 2011-08-14 || License: Shareware ($19) Developer: Riverfold | App Owner: manton

Wii Transfer can share your movies, music, and pictures directly to your Nintendo Wii using the Internet Channel. Copy Miis from your Wii back to your Mac and save them as images. Browse iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums on your television. Convert your movies to a format the Wii understands, streaming directly from your Mac. Wii Transfer can even manage saved game backups copied to an SD card.

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4 Opinions

Yep imarburger, adobe screwed over wii users. The internet channel can't view most video on the web b/c the flash version for opera is so old.

Just saw a beta testing is underway.... Really nice to know this!

I wish Adobe would release a more recent version of the Flash SDK so the Wii could get Flash 9 support (assuming it can handle it). That would make this app so much better.

Wish it was free...