Version: 4.1.2 || Release Date: 2007-03-12 || License: Shareware ($10.00 US) Developer: Unsanity | App Owner: duckfeet

WindowShade X provides an exciting and useful way of organizing your work on Mac OS X. With this handy tool, you can assign the following actions to the minimize button and a double-click on the window title:

Minimize the window to the Dock, like always;
"Windowshade" the window into a tiny strip to quickly peek below or get it out of the way;
Minimize-In-Place the window so it becomes really small so you can move it out of the way yet still see what is going on;
Make the window transparent so you can continue working in it while seeing things under it;
Hide the application quickly;

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5 Opinions

Doesn't work on Lion.

It used to be a fantastic becoming very annoying and frustrating because the developers DO NOT CARE to answer the MANY emails in their blog to update for Snow Leopard.. They simply do not care about their customers

FYI Snow Leopard users: This does NOT work, and Unsanity hasn't made any announcement about if/when it will. Sucks, it's indispensable once you get used to it.

Is there anything similar for Leopard?

Faaantastic. The minimize-in-place is one of the most-used key commands on my laptop. Great for when you want to shrink a program, but still be updated when it changes. I can windowshade things (shows titlebar only), and the transparent-window works great (imagine: watching a movie while using iChat/Adium/whatever RIGHT OVER THE MOVIE without interrupting anything!). Also nice for checking/comparing what's behind the current window.

Bought it a while ago, easily worth the $10. The only downside is that those roll-out panes (usually for preferences) aren't effected, though this could almost be viewed as useful in some apps.