Version: 11.3.8 || Release Date: 2007-11-14 || License: Commercial with demo (229.99) Developer: Microsoft | App Owner: joachimbean

MS Word has innovative new features that give your personal or business documents the right look, every time. Enjoy the latest tools and advancements of the most popular word processor around.

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I'm using the 2011 (beta 2) version and I can see some improvements. Still lightyears behind Word 2007.

what a crappy app! Can someone at apple please wake up and do something about this? Get a team of rockstar mac developers, pay them crazy loads of money, and have them develop this from scratch - with multilanguage!. Then, give it to MS as a gift. what the hell!

In part because it doesn't use Cocoa for text handling, a lot of keystrokes, selection and pasting behaviors, etc. are non-standard, making it really exasperating if you use it infrequently.

@aardark ; I loved your comment. What pisses me off is even Pages load slow (10 bounces cold boot/ 4 bounces re-opening). This in my Macbook 2.4 2GB RAM.

In my VERY old AthlonXP 1.8Ghz/512 ram, Word (2007) opens in 2 seconds cold boot, instantly (literally) closing/re-opening.

Word 2008 is a piece of shit that takes almost a minute to open. Hope this helps.

I only use this once a month or so, and every time there's a delay while it downloads the latest 200 MB or so security update.

You can't compare 2008 version VS Windows's 2007. In windows counterpart, Word works much better (+fast and +stable). User Interface is better in 2007. You can try Pages.

I am still using Microsoft Office 2004, which works fine in Leopard on my MacBook Pro as it did in earlier OSs on my iBook. Others at work (who've received new computers) now have Office 2008, but I haven't (yet) seen a good reason to upgrade. I've also tried NeoOffice (unusable, because of kerning problem) and AppleWorks, but I find the interface horribly limiting, for someone who has used Word since 1992. I'm not married to MS Word, though, as I'm open to Open Office. If I had to purchase Office again, I'd probably consider Open Office, which seems pretty good on the Windows platform and is probably a good alternative for people faced with the interface confusion that is Office 2007! Fortunately, from what I've seen, Office 2008 is not the baffling change on a Mac as 2007 is on Windows. However, 2007 is not all bad. It probably has some way of implementing most tasks people have been doing for years but can't figure out how to get to with the new menu, but if you can learn it, it's probably better. Comparing the Windows version is relevant for people considering this, who may only have gotten an impression on their Windows machines.

I use this because I get it free (plus $20 shipping) from my work. I will be getting the "free" version of 2008 whin it comes out, but I hav already started taking a liking to the iWork and will probably be purchasing it as well... and using it more.