WorkingPapers X

Version: 2.2.2 || Release Date: 2006-07-19 || License: Commercial with demo (99) App Owner: kerim

WorkingPapers® X is the Macintosh-based document imaging & management software that lets you catalogue and cross-reference thousands of documents.

WorkingPapers lets you scan in business documents and color photos using many of today's leading scanners. Search by content, filename, volume name, comments, or categories of your making. Organize your documents into collections and find files stored on floppies, CDs, cartridges, or Zip drives.

Edit your photos and paper documents using a full suite of image editing tools!

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1 Opinion

Works really well, including OCR. I tried it with a German B&W TIF scan.

The demo has a 30-second wait at the beginning and then is fully functional.