World Clock Deluxe

Version: 4.15.1 || Release Date: 2015-09-30 || License: Shareware ($16) Developer: MaBaSoft | App Owner: joerisk

With World Clock Deluxe you can display multiple clocks in a horizontal or vertical palette, in the menu bar and in the Dock, show Coordinated Universal Time and Internet Time, assign labels and colors to clocks, calculate date and time conversions across different time zones and show the current weather all over the world.

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Version 4.15.2 uses HTTPS connections when checking for updates and automatically installing updates for improved security.

Version 4.15.1 solves the incompatibilities with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capital and introduces some improvements.

Version 4.15 adds 64-bit compatibility and revises the World Clock Deluxe menu bar item.

Version 4.12.1 solves the incompatibilities with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Version 4.12 introduces the automatic update of cities, time zones, and DST rules and the possibility to easily share Time Converter results and Meeting Planner details via Mail or Messages.

Version 4.11.3 adds 36 new cities and introduces improvements concerning the hiding of the Dock icon.

Version 4.11.2 solves the incompatibilities with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Version 4.11.1 updates daylight-saving time information for Morocco, Western Sahara, and the Brazilian State of Tocantins.

Version 4.11 introduces the Meeting Planner that allows you to easily find the best time for an online chat, a conference call or videoconference across different time zones.

Version 4.10.1 updates daylight-saving information for Morocco and Western Sahara.

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