World of Where

Version: 3.9 || Release Date: 2011-12-22 || License: Shareware ($11.95) Developer: Acqualia | App Owner: akurtz

Interactive geographical quizzes to aid in learning continents, countries, states, capital cities, flags, etc.

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Seems they have moved to . Updated the link

download doesn't seem to be working now anyway, and the developer homepage is gone.

I have to agree with groxx. I too got it as part of a MysteryZot and am dang glad that wasn't the only app in the package. As it is now, its quite a ways away from being worth $12.

No. Ew. Even free, it would be laughed at as a program.
For starters: tests can only be set up within a single "view" (continent, country/state, and sometimes more detailed where applicable). You can't test both cities and states at the same time. You can't change anything (I've found errors before, and it could be useful for languages not included) for any purpose. You can't add entries. You can't do ANYTHING.

While I did get it through MacZOT, it was part of a mystery. And I would never even consider recommending it to anyone. Maybe, if they added a LOT of functions, it could be good. But it's far too static right now.

Another MacZOT acquisition for me. Haven't played with it much but seems like a good educational tool.

Got this in a MacZOT. It's a great study tool, and even has a provincial map of Norway now!