Version: 3.03 || Release Date: 2008-12-16 || License: Freeware App Owner: arsego

WowMatrix saves you hours of time. Before opening World of Warcraft, just fire up WowMatrix and let it update your WoW AddOns quickly and safely.

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you are not alone having problems with hacked accounts with wow matrix; i heard from friends similar stories.

I've been using addons from day one as well (playing for over 4 years now), never had any problems whatsoever before. Like i said, I don't say wowmatrix is malicous software, but I won't use it anymore, because before using it (i used cosmos) and never had any probs, steady addons etc etc. I use wowmatrix one week...account got hacked.

I'm sorry your account got hacked but account hacks also happen to people that dont use ANY addons, I've been using addons since day one and hvae over 400 addons, my account has not been hacked.
I find WoWMatrix a safe place to get addons
New version 3.03 out

Right after I started using WowMatrix my account got hacked. I don't want to claim it that their software is malicious, but i no longer use it, just to be safe