Version: 4.01 || Release Date: 2008-12-26 || License: Shareware (7.90 Euro) App Owner: pixxel

Listen to 2'086 different radio stations with the WRadio widget (Flip4Mac required)

- Totally 2'086 radio stations supported
- Shows track title including cover art inside the widget
- Direct link to the music video
- Direct links to Amazon, Musicload and iTunes Musicstore
- Add your favorite channels to "My Favorites" category
- Displays bitrate of the actual played stream
- Determines and displays the metadata of the actual played stream
- Different userinterfaces: 10 different skins to choose from
- Displays the playtime of the actual played stream
- Last played stream is saved and can be replayed by simply clicking on the play button again
- Easy activate and deactivate on different Mac's
- Works in the background as Dashboard Widget
- Needs less memory and CPU resources
- Price only Euro 7.90 (Secure payment over PayPal)
- Runs on OSX 10.4.3+ (Tiger) and 10.5.x (Leopard)
- Widget available in english and german

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