Version: 3.2.1 || Release Date: 2012-08-09 || License: Shareware ($9.99) Developer: Hog Bay Software | App Owner: jesse_grosjean

For Mac users who enjoy the simpllicity of a typewriter, but live in the digital world. WriteRoom is a full-screen, distraction-free writing environment. Unlike the cluttered word processors you're used to, WriteRoom is just about you and your text. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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I liked this app at 1.0, but $25 for what it does is unjustifiably arbitrary when you compare it to free writing apps. Journler has full screen capability (though not as retro-slick as this one offers) and great organizational features. Smultron is a text editor with built-in HTML previewing capability. This is a great little app, but I wouldn't pay more than $10 for it.

And don't forget the original BlockWriter.
It's completely FREE and the current version 1.0 is Universal Binary. (At least that's the information that I get from the Finder (File - Get Info).
You may find it here:

WriteRoom 1.0 is availibe for from from this page:

Also I messed when I posted the 2.0 release on this page, the download link was to a previous beta, with this update it should now be pointing to the latest version 2.0.1

does anyone know where i can download version 1.0? I don't really feel like paying $25 for this....

WriteRoom is wonderful, no question. To set the record straight - version 1.0 is free, version 2.0 (Beta) is shareware, I believe the current price is $14.95 - and well worth every penny (in my opinion). Still, if version 1.0 does what you need, it's supposed to remain free, based on information I have up to and including the posting of this comment :).

such a simple yet awesome idea..... can't really see how to export to anything other than text, but that doesn't bother me....

This app makes me wish I wrote more. Every time I open it I feel like I'm about to engage in a lenghty productive writing session.

So relaxed, it doesn't even feature a save dialog normally. It features persistant text. The closest thing to save is exporting. I love this app! It's clean, fast, and slick.

Agreed. So great and simple and lovely. Can't see ever going back to anything else. Great, great app. Thanks Hogbay!

It's pretty damn sweet, and extensible, too. Check out the author's other apps, too!

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