Version: 2.24 || Release Date: 2013-10-10 || License: Freeware App Owner: uwe

xACT stands for X Audio Compression Toolkit. It is a GUI based front end (written in AppleScript Studio) for the unix applications Shorten (3.5.1), shntool (2.0.3), monkey's audio compressor (3.99),flac (1.1.1) and cdda2wav 2.01a32(with paranoia support). It also uses a modified md5sum (modified from 2.1 textutils) and sox (12.17.7). It does the basic commands of these applications and adds a few features to speed up productivity in creation of etree.org standard filesets.

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that is, 1.64 feels more leopard friendly on the machine i have running leopard.

there is apparently a new version which was compiled under xcode 3.0 for leopard which can be retrieved from here;


i still use the version listed here (1.62) on my tiger box, but 1.64 [obviously] feels more leopard freindly.

this should be listed as a universal binary, because it is one. if the current maintainer of the app would like me to take over maintenance, i would gladly keep the app description & change logs current/up to date. just tell me in a comment on the app and we can work it out.

[also i suggested a new version 1.62, which can be downloaded from here; http://satellite.epix.net/~scb/xACT162.dmg.zip]

this is a great little lossless audio conversion program. for those that have ever used windows and remember the program mkwACT, think of that, then add support for 4 other formats, error correction and a file tagging interface. this is what you get with xAct. good stuff.

Good tool for FLAC/AIFF/WAV compressing/uncompressing.

I'm having problems with this since 10.4.7, but previously it's been great.

I use this to decode FLAC audio files to AIFF files. Works great.