Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2006-08-13 || License: Freeware Developer: Spiny Design | App Owner: mortalis

xBench is a free program to judge the speed of your computer. It looks at CPU, graphics, disk read/write speeds, among others to give you a single score you can compare to other users.

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3 Opinions

Nice and simple benchmark app. Very cool that they provide a nice site to compare you benchmarks with others. Great way to verify numerically if you feel your mac has gotten "slower" and troubleshoot what might have caused it.

Sweeet :D I really like the website as well, the ability to see average & individual results is handy. Found out my poor compy is going a bit slow :'(
Bah, oh well. I've got an insane amount of apps modifying this or that to my preferences.

interesting utility to own.....good for comparisons if you have more than one mac