Xbox Live Friends

Version: 4.0.1 || Release Date: 2008-09-23 || License: Freeware Developer: mindquirk software | App Owner: crazedgeek

Xbox Live Friends is your ticket to friends list glory. It displays all your friends, gamerscores, and achievements in a beautiful Mac OS X interface.

Features include:
*Secure sign-in with Live ID / Passport
*Easily sortable achievement lists
*Gamerscore charts
*Message center lists all your Xbox Live messages
*Automatic updates by Sparkle
*Elegant interface

Xbox Live Friends is built from the ground up using core Mac OS X technologies such as Cocoa and WebKit.

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5 Opinions

v4.0 still crashes quite a bit, and does have hang ups every so often. It has some annoyances, but for all the features this application has I'm willing to put up with it; it's the sexiest application for Xbox Live Friends, hands down.

love it, it's very detailed and very informative. The update fixes the bugs

Sweet program when it doesn't crash. Still doesn't let you look at the individual achievements, and I haven't tried it long enough to see if it needs Safari every time I load it up, but a good idea none-the-less

Also, has a crappy loading time for every action

This only seems to work for me if I open Safari and log in to manually, but when it does work, it's quite nice.

This crashes after loading for me - anybody else?