Version: beta 23 || Release Date: 2006-10-07 || License: Freeware Developer: Zeno Crivelli | App Owner: zeno

Podcast Client that makes a decent RSS reader, too. Excellent early release.

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Everytime you see a new podcast client you wonder, "it can't be better than itunes", "no ipod integration", well say hello to xcast! It does everything! kudos to the developer. Dont miss the screencast which shows all the main features.

It is now a couple of days that I use Xcast and I'm still very satisfied: user-friendly application that makes podcasting "easy for the rest of us".
The only comment I can think about is that all the podcasters should give Xcast a try. But be careful, I have the impression this application is highly addictive ;-)
Thanks Crivelli to make this happens. Excellent job.

One more application I don't have to write myself. :)