Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2007-02-28 || License: Freeware Developer: Mars | App Owner: alf

About xCuts
A widget for looking up Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts, something that recent switchers from Linux or Windows probably need to do quite a bit! This widget lets you easily browse or search the contents of its MySQL-powered database, which it accesses over the web using Ajax. The xCuts are organized by Category, Scope, and Object, and you can even drill down to a second cross-referenced level if you need to. Or just use the fast live search form!

xCuts includes tips on the use of certain shortcuts, and it’s designed to let you copy and paste shortcuts to external documents. This resizable widget uses the terrific Script.aculo.us effects library to work its visual magic. When you’re done, click the title to compact xCuts down to a tiny lozenge for later use.

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@ sentience:
If this happened after you have installed Safari 3.0b, then the culprit is this new version of Safari. This also happened to me with xCuts and it has affceted other widgets: Amazon Art, IP Locator and Dicionário (a Portuguese language dictionary). Probably I have a few more widgets that have stopped working, but I did not test them all yet.
Read my post in Safari 3.0b page and then read a post in The Unofficial Weblog (TUAW) about this subject.

Sounds like a nice idea, but definitely doesn't work for me on Mac OS X 10.4.9 (Intel). All I get is a green rectangle with "xCuts" displayed in it. I can't move the widget, and there are no visible controls on its surface.

Could it be it only works on Leopard pre-releases?