Version: 3.0.6 || Release Date: 2013-07-11 || License: Other Open Source App Owner: paracelsus

An image browser with more features than Preview.app

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Looks nice but the only universal version (v2.0 alpha 1) could need some work. My machine locked just sigalakos. The power button was the only remedy. I'm using JView until this thing goes stable.

Fast, looks nice, easy to use, simple to learn, problem-free.

Brilliant application, does what it says, and doesn't lack a 'next image' option! I was about to write my own Quickdraw program, but this is great, and will do even better than I could have throught of in years. Thanks for the effort and ideology of your work.

Sigalakos, there's a bug with the new antialiasing code on Intel machines that I haven't been able to track down due to not having one. It's still usable if you open up a small image first, and then immediately turn off the antialiasing in the view menu.

Needless to say, it will be fixed before the final version, but I don't know when that will be.

@paracelsus . Itried out the 2.0 alpha. It is indeed a UB, but couldn't use it. I drag'n'dropped a folder with ~50 pictures and it locked up my machine twice! I needed to reboot my MacBook as the system was nonresponsive. So I am back at 1.2. Rosetta is very slow with 512MB RAM :(

Val1984, it can export images. Just do a "Save As..."

Sigalkos, I just released v2.0 alpha 1, which is universal. If you can live with a few missing features and possible bugs, try it out. It needs bugtesting!

Very very lightweight image slideshow app. I must say I am impressed! A Universal Binary version would be greatly appreciated.

Very fast but it hasn't got more features than Preview.app since it can't export an image to another format.

Simply the cleanest and most light-weight image viewer for Mac OS. Reminds me of the early (and fast!) versions of ACDSee for Windows. By its superb implementation I think you can see some of the developer's past Amiga heritage showing.

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