Version: 3.0.6 || Release Date: 2013-07-11 || License: Other Open Source App Owner: paracelsus

An image browser with more features than Preview.app

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This is not open or free it costs....

Great app, does exactly what it should, and no spyware/adware/nag screens or any other of that nasty stuff =D

Oh, and the auto-rotate thing is just wonderful.

@ nikola:
Why don't you try JustLooking?
It has a very nice interface and works very well. And it's faster than Xee when loading large picture files.
You'll find it here:

Is this app dead? Googlecode wiki is full of issues and yet none of them are resolved :( Too bad.. it's a great little app.

Are there any replacements?

Xee was my first "find" as a replacement for Irfanview under Windows, and seemed very promising. But... It's very slow for even 2000×3000 JPG files, even slower for raw images, and lastly doesn't seem to consider ICC profiles, so images are shown with inaccurate color. Viewit is my current quick viewer of choice, when not wanting to start up bridge or lightroom.

It seems that at one time Preview allowed animated GIF viewing, but dropped that feature (annoying). Viewing them in Safari provides no control (annoying). Xee is a great little utility for viewing ani-GIFs in loop or by individual frames. One problem solved; now for...

Whoa, those replacement icons from Adam Betts rock.

I've noticed that it seems to be slightly slower than Just Looking, but the problem is that I prefer Xee's UI over that of Just Looking - I'm going to check out Xsee and see how that stacks up.

I was using IrfanView (runs on M$ Windows) to convert images and was looking for a replacement on Mac. Xee does it all! It converts, rescales, crops, rotates and saves rotated JPGs without losses. That's really what I need.

I just want to be able to look at my images at 100%. Is this even possible? It's really annoying seeing them scaled to 103% or otherwise and I can't seem to change this in the preferences.

This is a really killer image viewer. I like it a lot.

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