Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2006-07-20 || License: Freeware App Owner: pdagenetica

XFactor is a file sharing program running on the Gnutella Network. It is open standard software running on an open protocol. XFactor allows you to share and download any file such as audio, video, images, documents, applications, etc. XFactor is simple, fast and easy on the eyes.

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So, what happened to Xfactor? The site's dead.

The download link needs to be fixed. Its currently http://www.xfactor.cc/releases/XFactor.dmg

I think it uses the Gift daemon

I saw this app on the site and I was like hey I'll check it out so I went and downloaded it and hell it is better than limwire since there is no java involved. It also looks a lot like acquisition and has great intergartion with ituens