Version: 1.0b1 || Release Date: 2007-04-05 || License: Shareware (US $20) Developer: Brian Hill | App Owner: vivica

xFiles allows you to change the HFS+ type and creator, filename, Posix owner and group, modification date, and permissions of files you drop on it. It also includes a File List document, for easy preview, editing and modification of files located around your mounted drives. An HFS+ Catalog Search allows you to build File Lists based on several HFS+ criteria.

The file info window allows you to change many attributes of a file, including both Posix and HFS+ attributes. Change will set the attributes of the currently loaded file and display the next file in the list. Change All will apply the current attributes to all of the loaded files. Skip will skip to the next file in the list.

xFiles can save references to lists of files located anywhere on a mounted drive.

The CatSearch window allows you to search files using many different HFS+ attributes, including modification date, file type and creator. Results are returned in a File List window.

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1 Opinion

When you need to change the files type of a group of files this is great, I use it to turn m4a files into m4b files so that iTunes will register them as audiobooks.