Version: 0.4p2.dmg || Release Date: 2008-01-01 || License: Freeware App Owner: mamahuhu

Super simple SIP client :)
Mac style, it just works !

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No longer seems to function on Snow Leopard. I've since migrated to Telephone.

Using this with Broadvoice in the US, works a treat. The Address Book integration is a real killer feature for me.

I'm using it with Freecall.com from Betamax, to make worldwide international calls.... Only using the SIP..... But hey, works nicely!

For those who use it with Free.fr and get a "Call failed security check", check macbidouille forums.
Apparently, the problem has been fixed in a development version of Ekiga, which XMeeting is based on (here).

I use this with VoipBuster to make transatlantic calls. I cannot imagine a life without it anymore.

I use this with Free.fr internet provider, it works nicely :)