Version: 1.2.6 || Release Date: 2007-11-14 || License: Freeware Developer: Garrett Murray | App Owner: sleary

xPad allows you to manage multiple documents in a single window (with a drawer to organize them). You can assign color-coded categories to keep things straight.

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Looks great, but I would prefer keywords (with multiple keywords per note) rather than categories (with one per note) as a way to organize/sort notes.

fancy, simple software, especially since it's available for the public as free ware. It's just like the MAC version of 'Onenote' even though it has no flexible layout function, but it's for free!!!

Great app overall but could be a whole lot more if you could use modern toolbar search box searching so that all of the documents in xPad's database could be searched at once. The old Find and Replace dialog is great for editing not but not quite as much for simple finding. Also, it would be nice to change the highlighting color like you can the font color.

I have been using it for a week now. Its a pleasant note taking app.

Some minor bug on its sidebar and info bar though..its not really disturbing.

I just found this gem. I hope the developer hasn't completely abandoned it, and that its new freeware status is just a sign that something better is coming.

I don't think it was released in 1970 :)

the author has now released a registration code for free use

Nice little note application. Fast and reliable. 4/5

I got it through MacZOT, and I'd say it was almost worth the money. The one thing I like about it is the simple exporting (drag a file to the desktop/another folder, and it'll export it as txt or rtf (depending on settings)). The unlimited number of categories is nice as well.

After having it for a couple months though, it still gets less use than TextEdit, unless I'm using it for storing code snippets (in which case the txt export is really handy). It's just too un-featured to be of any real use, and I'd say definitely not worth more than $5 (much less the $10 retail).

It's good if basic. It needs search badly though...

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