Version: 2.7.7 || Release Date: 2014-08-18 || License: Freeware App Owner: cliss

The Xquartz project is an open-source effort to develop a version of the X.org X Window System that runs on Mac OS X. Together with supporting libraries and applications, it forms the X11.app that Apple has shipped with OS X since version 10.5.

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AppFresh thinks the newest Version is 2.7.28 - but 2.7.2 is the correct newest version. please fix.

AppFresh problems here as well. Despite having 2.7.2b3 AppFresh tells me, there's an update (which then would be 2.7.2b3). Please fix this, AppFresh.

Current version is 2.6.2 (April 30th 2011).
Appfresh shows a wrong version number in status (2.6.21),
so false "available update".

Current version is 2.6.0, eventually this will appear here. However, AppFresh shows 2.6.7. Confusion as usual.

Current version is 2.5.3. However, appfresh shows 2.5.24. I think there is a bad version in there somewhere as 24>3 in version numbers. Can you check the old versions?

What is the purpose of this/why should I download it? I'm familiar with X11, does this improve it, is it a replacement?

They are now on version 2.5.2, as of 10-July-2010

Alright, wait. Now that I've got both WQuartz and X11 on my system, can I actually remove X11?

Or what exactly is the deal here?

XQuartz is the upgrade from x11. It's current version is 2.5.0, although it is being reported on AppFresh as 2.5.5

2 things here: 1) all the comments about the version number seem to be correct. With v2.5.0 installed, I am being prompted to upgrade to "2.5.5", which when downloaded seems to be 2.5.0. Something is wrong there. and 2) XQuartz != X11, and both "upgrades" pulled down the same exact XQuartz package, so, again, I think something is wrong.

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