Version: 1.9.4 || Release Date: 2013-10-17 || License: Shareware (14.95) App Owner: n0c

Xslimmer reduces the disk space taken up by Universal Binary applications preserving just the Intel or PowerPC version.

Xslimmer is a new and user-friendly way to size down your Universal Binary apps, without losing any of their functionality by removing the code inside the Universal Binaries that does not fit with your machine's architecture, a code that never gets executed and just wastes your disk space.

In addition, Xslimmer can strip out unneeded languages. Safari is available in more than a dozen languages, Adium in more than 20. This is great, but how many of those do you need? Xslimmer allows you to select how many languages you want to preserve in your apps and will remove the rest, recovering lots of precious free space from your disk.

Now fully Leopard compatible!

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Monolingual does not allow you to select the applications you want to slim. If you are not careful, it lets you remove essential files in your system rendering it unusable (Rosetta can be destroyed, for example). It requires the user to select from a confusing list what architectures should be preserved, making it possible to slim the Intel code in an Intel machine. It uses a static blacklist of troublesome applications, instead of a dynamic downloadable one. It does not perform backups.

All these issues are solved in Xslimmer. Xslimmer is easier to use, more informative and clearer. It is also smart enough to detect the architecture it is running on and act accordingly. It provides you with detailed information about what applications can be slimmed, how much space will you save, or if an application is known to cause problems after being slimmed down. Xslimmer is not yet able to remove unused language files, but this feature is being developed currently.

From my standpoint Monolingual is a GUI on top of a low-level tool meant for administrators, whereas Xslimmer is intended for all types of users. If you are looking for a pleasing, reliable and user-friendly way to save some space, use Xslimmer. If you know what you are doing, Monolingual can do the job for you.

Why use shareware when Monolingual can do the same for free?

This app is now stable, reliable and fast!

How is this "fun"?

Slim Operation Failed has been fixed. It was a bug that used to happen when a huge number of apps was dropped. Thanks for pointing it out.

Found 41 slimmable applications, 685MB. But, ALL slim operations failed.

Wow, that's impressive... now I definitely see why this could be useful.
Out of curiosity though, how large IS your Applications folder?

It actually shaves more off than you'd think. After scanning my entire Applications folder, it said there was 2 gigabytes of PowerPC code that could be removed, which is pretty impressive. Very functional app, with a very nice and aesthetically pleasing UI. Thumbs up. Just wish it were a few bucks lower.

While I respect the idea of this app, does it really cut down on THAT much space?
I don't know how universals are implemented, but if they're done the way I'm thinking they probably are, then this shouldn't cut more than a few KB off of most apps.

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