Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2009-02-01 || License: Shareware (9.99) Developer: Apokalypse Software Corp. | App Owner: huperniketes

XTabulator is a processor that takes data from commonly-used CSV and TSV file-formats, and validate, clean and export it for use with other programs.

Tabulated data is still around. In many cases, comma-separated value (and other formats) is still the easiest way to move data from one application to another. For OS X users, a spreadsheet application was the easiest way to manipulate tabulated data files.

Enter XTabulator. Why use a jackhammer to hang pictures when a plain old hammer will do just fine? As with all Apokalypse applications, simplicity is the guiding principle. Need another field in the data file? Just click the Add Column button. Need to rearrange them? Drag and drop them. Need to add 10,000 new records quickly? No problem.

Even changing multiple values in a large data set is made easy with the AutoFill feature. XTabulator's low cost and high flexibility makes it a must-have tool for anybody who regularly works with tabulated data files.

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3 Opinions

Good. I like Bartas.

XTabulator and Temporis are back under Bartas' control due to contractual issues. XTabulator 2 is now available. Check it out free at bartastechnologies.com/xtabulator

I guess Apokalypse bought this just so they could let it die. Doesn't seem to be available for purchase anymore, nor for download from their site. Shame, seems to be the best lightweight viewer of CSV/TSV that I've found so far, would be well-worth $10 to me ($15 if they threw in printing!).