Version: 2.0(v130) || Release Date: 2010-06-05 || License: Commercial with demo ($25) Developer: David Watanabe | App Owner: abotsis

Search, Download, Subscribe, Share. Xtorrent makes torrents super easy.

Enter your keywords and Xtorrent instantly searches torrent sites all across the web. It's that simple.

Results begin popping up immediately in a simple table view, ranked by quality. You can even browse the contents of search results before you download.

Once you've found your torrent, just click 'download'. Search and download within a single app - pioneered by Xtorrent.

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I use xTorrent like a demon, I honestly love this app. Everyone bitches and moans about it and the creator, even I have been kn own to (Watanabe, would it hurt you to reply to e-mails that are genuine customer suppoprt related?)... and as for it being banned from torrent sites... I've never not found anything I wanted using it's built in search feature.

At the end of the day, I honestly love this app.

This torrent client has been banned by a large majority of torrent trackers. Apparently, it's a pretty shoddy implementation of a very old version of libtransmission. In addition, the trackers seem to think the spirit of the developer doesn't fit with their vision of the torrent community.

Use at your own risk.

david watanabe is the karl rove of mac software development: an extremist, far right minded person that profits from the work of people with a very different approach and belief in softw. develpment. he copied once limewire, and he copied now transmission. beautiful app, but the karl rove of app. won't have my vote.

or they will have to fork libtransmission

From the transmission forum about licensing changes - "Portions of the code will be changed to avoid blatant attempts to profit significantly from our work"

Seems some of the parts that changed to a gpl license are the same bits added to the latest version of xtorrent. Which means xtorrent should be open source to comply with the license.

I like David´s apps a lot and so I happily paid for the full version of Xtorrent. The integrated search and RSS-Feeds really make downloading over Bittorrent a breeze. However, lately I had to go back to Transmission to download a file which Xtorrent did not want to finish downloading (looks like the most recent version introduced a couple of bugs). Transmission has really come a long way since i last had a look at it - and i guess i would recommend it over Xtorrent these days.

First off why would you want to pay for a bittorrent client. Especially one with all the flaws xtorrent has (banned from many trackers etc).

Secondly why use xtorrent when transmission is basically the same and free(ok xtorrent has a few more things but at the core its just transmission). Im not going to pay someone else when all they have done is put a wrapper around open source code.

I would rather support the transmission guys instead of someone who takes there code, uses it in a shareware app, then completely tries to hide the fact they have done so(ever noticed there is not a single mention of libtransmission anywhere on the xtorrent site).

Buyer beware!!!! NO SUPPORT!!!!

When this first went shareware, I wrote an applescript that restarts it every 59 minutes, and hides the app. Works pretty well, then, and avoids the speed capping. From what I remember, it wasn't too complicated (as it was my first actual applescript I've ever made), but I deleted it when I stopped using this app (switched to Transmission).
All in all, a pretty good program. Not the best, but gets a pretty good download speed, and the search function is incredibly handy.
The only real downside I can see is that you can't retrieve .torrent files from the program. Once it's in, it's in for good, and there's no way to back them up.

I upgraded to v41 and it lost all my in-progress downloads. Not sure what happened there, but upgrade with caution (backup first!).

Otherwise, I love xTorrent -- but I also paid for it.

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