Version: 2.0(v130) || Release Date: 2010-06-05 || License: Commercial with demo ($25) Developer: David Watanabe | App Owner: abotsis

Search, Download, Subscribe, Share. Xtorrent makes torrents super easy.

Enter your keywords and Xtorrent instantly searches torrent sites all across the web. It's that simple.

Results begin popping up immediately in a simple table view, ranked by quality. You can even browse the contents of search results before you download.

Once you've found your torrent, just click 'download'. Search and download within a single app - pioneered by Xtorrent.

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This program is even worse at nagging you to buy it than acquisition and newsfire combined: a 10 kb/s cap after using the program after a 1 hour time limit, and search results are randomly disabled, plus a window that you can't close uless you click on either the "purcahse" button or the "activate" button. This program is great looking and somewhat useful and I almost switched to it from Transmission because of the built in search and RSS features. Once I downloaded the 1.0, however, these nags totally turned me off. How useless is a torrent app that caps the bandwith after an hour!

Still no encryption... There is no way I'm paying for a bittorrent client w/o encryption.

Consistently screws up all downloads and i have to start all over from the beginning. Can't seem to "remember" the external hard drive i'm downloading to. Lame but pretty.

The app's description could use a rewrite: replace sujective statement "Looks fantastic for a beta!" by something more impartial and neutral, and share more meaningful information, such as the fact it uses libtransmission, originally from the Transmission Bittorrent client.

From my experience with David Watanabe’s other apps,
all these issues will be mostly addressed by its first 1.0 release,
then steadily resolved over the first few months after that.

If libtransmission doesn't float your boat, try using BitRocket (similar interface, not quite as slick, but based on libtorrent and released under the GPL).

I like xtorrent, but the libtransmission thing really kills it for me... sure, it's quick, but it's banned in just too many places for it to be useful.

(Update: I notice that the latest beta has a "fix for incorrectly reported statistics" -- might be worth checking out again soon...)

It's simple, quick, and I love the torrent searching feature. Wish I could find out how it worked, so I could try to get my favorite torrents to come up on it...

Very nice, worth hanging on to, but keep something like Transmission handy as well.

Having compared this to other bittorrent solutions for the Mac, including acquisition, and Bittorrent itself, I have found that it saves me considerable time and effort.

Entering a search in one box, and getting a unified table of results is a lot simpler than searching multiple different web interfaces and then trying to compare the hits.

The downloading capability seems to be as good as the other tools I've tried, but I can't say I've been comparing them side by side with the same torrents.

It's a very nicely designed app. Is it worth paying money for? Generally saving time and hassle is worth something. It all depends how much you're going to use it.

I just want to point out that Bittorrent technology and clients are not "piracy applications" even if some or many people choose to illegally download and share files with it. CD-Rs and CD writers aren't piracy tools per se, neither is my car a weapon even though I can certainly use it to harm others.

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