Version: 2.0(v130) || Release Date: 2010-06-05 || License: Commercial with demo ($25) Developer: David Watanabe | App Owner: abotsis

Search, Download, Subscribe, Share. Xtorrent makes torrents super easy.

Enter your keywords and Xtorrent instantly searches torrent sites all across the web. It's that simple.

Results begin popping up immediately in a simple table view, ranked by quality. You can even browse the contents of search results before you download.

Once you've found your torrent, just click 'download'. Search and download within a single app - pioneered by Xtorrent.

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No, no, a thousand times no! I don't care HOW pretty the UI is, the fact remains I am NOT going to pay for what is essentially a piracy app! I'm sorry, but paying for this kind of software is just plain stupid. Use torrentz.com to search for torrents, and Transmission to download. Dave pulled this same crap with Acquisition, and people got so fed up with his upgrade policy and other money-grubbing junk that Acqlite was born, which does the exact same thing for free. Do not support this developer, he is just trying to rip you off!

It's provides an end-to-end solution for torrents. You can search, download, and manage your torrents all from XTorrent. Transmission and BitTorrent.app don't do this.

That said, it's a little bit goofy (the bouncing arrow?) and feels almost exactly like Acquisition (which can already handle .torrents). If you don't want to use the search feature to find your torrents, I don't think it has anything to offer over Transmission, not to mention the price tag. It's still in beta, so we'll see where it goes. It would also be nice if he contributed any of his changes to libTransmission.

D.W. seems to be good at selling the same program in multiple packages; this should please the guy who said, "I want more of the same good stuff...!"

@garrulus While xTorrent looks interesting, a few points:
1) while transmission's license does allow it, is it ethical to free ride (and profit in this case) from other people's code?
2) it uses more ram etc than other clients
3) why would any rational person purchase a bittorrent client when there are numerous free alternatives available which do an equal if not superior job?

I love this guy's apps but this is one I won't even look at unless it has been verified that he's fixing the libtransmission stuff...Its useless for me and for a lot other peeps. We're looking for a good torrent client mainly because one of the best ones (transmission) is useless in many trackers. Now this one comes along YAY, but...well its same thing just the message that says "your client is banned" will look slightly nicer...

First glace it looked ok, until I found out it uses libtransmission. Check out libtransmissions forums for the tracker problems it has.

I have paid for all of D.W.’s software
and have always felt every penny was worth it
and I want more of the same good stuff...!

Why would you pay for this?!?!?!

@jah : who cares. It looks and feels awesome!

This is just libTransmission with a new gui, and some inbuilt torrent search features.

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